Get access to the information you need to make more decisive investment decisions

An extremely powerful user-friendly platform for analyzing securities listed on US exchanges.

Designed for professionals, Economatica is a Fintech company offering an SaaS-based investment research platform for US listed companies (AMEX, NASDAQ, and NYSE). The platform allows you to extract value from essential financial information and achieve the best investment results. With over 30 years of experience developing systems for investment analysis, the platform also offers long-term history data for statistics and projections


The range of information available include

  • Quarterly Financial

  • Companys history

  • Corporate Action

  • Daily Share Prices

  • Number of Shares

  • Financial Ratios

  • Trading Ratio

  • Technical Indicators

One simple and complete solution

  • Screening

  • Pair trading analytics

  • Time series

  • Company valuations

  • Portfolio optimization

  • Reporting

  • Import and export data functions

  • Charting and data visualization

Cloud-based platform

  • Highest security standards

  • Speed

  • Updated instantly throughout the day

  • Reliability


Economatica specializes in the acquisition, administration and handling of financial information.

The platform rapidly organizes and systemizes data for all company stocks, ADRs and ETFs listed on the major US exchanges


Find actionable investment ideas based on your criteria, access metrics and add your own.

Find actionable investment ideas based on your unique criteria. Access hundreds of metrics to screen by and add your own. You can create fully customized comparable tables. After defining the list of securities to be examined, you can create columns for any data point available in the database (you can also import your own valuation metrics): return, volatility, market value, P/E, debt, industry, etc. It also allows you to filter by any criteria, such as stocks with average daily volume of over $5 million, volatility below 30%, dividend yield above 4%, and companies with a return on equity above 15%.

Portfolio Optimization

This tool allows you to operate a sophisticated yet easy-to-use optimization algorithm.

This tool allows you to operate an extremely sophisticated optimization algorithm in a simple user-friendly way. Generate efficient frontier: apply the Markowitz model to a set of stocks to find the portfolio with the best risk return ratio. Define portfolio constraints: specify market neutral, beta neutral or long/short, or define your own constraints, i.e., dividend yield, P/E, ROE, etc. Set requirements for holdings and sector weights. Generate a correlations matrix to evaluate risk.

Pair Trading

Our pair trading tool makes statistical arbitrage easier.

Statistical arbitrage is simplified with a flexible easy-to-use pair-trading tool. 
You can define your investment universe and constrain potential pairs by volatility, sectors, correlations, and many other variables. The system will analyze the range of long/short possibilities. The module offers a back test feature, allowing you to determine gain or loss for a certain period.


Create customized reports using previously selected industry data.

Comprehensive and flexible resources that allow you to create customized reports using previously selected industry today. Generate and data in a variety of formats: PDF, TXT, XLS, or XLSX.


The Economatica system is a cloud-based investment research platform for equity and portfolio analysis

Powerful tools for analysis, and great flexibility to meet your unique needs.


Why choose Economatica?

Economatica empowers investment professionals to
make financial decisions on demand.

Can be deployed in minutes

Can be deployed in minutes

Economatica is a sophisticated, easy-to-use web-based investment research platform for fundamental and quantitative research. And it’s fast.

Customizable factsheets

Customizable factsheets

Powerful reporting system that allows you to create customized company/industry factsheets, or portfolio risk & performance reports that can be easily distributed internally or to your clients. 

Advanced analytic modules

Advanced analytic modules

The range of advanced analytic modules available are generally not found on other platforms and certainly not at our pricing levels - pair trading (long/short), discounted cash flow valuation, portfolio optimization (efficient frontier), hypothetical portfolios, etc.

Import data history

Import data history

Import your own historical pricing series for countries and asset classes not covered in the system and use the intelligence built into the platform to analyze these securities.

Export data quickly

Export data quickly

You can export data quickly and easily, including .pdf, .xls / .xlsx, and .txt formats. 

High speed processing

High speed processing

Economatica provides the highest security standards for data integrity and protection upheld. The data is updated instantly throughout the day ensuring you have access to the timeliest information available.

Quality post-sales service

Get support from a real expert during customer onboarding. In addition, customers may request further
training and instruction at any time.



One simple price. Everything you need included.

Deep quantitative analysis tools of all US securities listed on AMEX, NASDAQ, and NYSE.

Yes.  This includes ETFs and ADRs. 

Financial, technical, trading and user-defined ratios


Pair trading analytics

Yes* user filters system for trading opportunities
with user-defined criteria.

Time series


Quality assurance

Over 30 years of industry experience. A team with over 50
analysts specialized in the US market and seven Latin American markets.

Princing data


Dividends data


Corporate action data


Updates to database

Daily, throughout the day or change to Intraday.

Import user-defined data


Import historical pricing serie


Requires knowledge of special formulas?


Excel plug-in


Contract period

One-year minimum term that auto-renews

Portfolio optimization


Discounted cash flow valuation


* offered separately for a fraction of base subscription

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