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Economatica is a global company with offices throughout the Americas serving over 1,000 institutional clients. Teams of analysts in each of our offices constantly monitor, maintain and support our databases guaranteeing the highest data integrity.

Funds Database Platform

Experience the most complete and updated funds database platform and increase your success rate as you become more well informed about the financial market.

Strategic Insight

Monitor capital flow across asset classes (Government bonds , corporate bonds, equities, derivatives, etc), and easily track the growth of the industry by various fund categories.


Filter down thousands of funds in Latam using parameters which can include assets under management (AUM), fund manager, inflows/ outflows, performance (including against key benchmarks), and holdings’ according to asset type or individual securities.


Group all funds and calculate performance metrics by asset manager or industry classification. On the click of a button, consolidate fund-of-funds data to view all underlying holdings, and avoid error in calculations that can be caused by not integrating properly sub-fund data, or by double-counting.

Quantitative Analysis

Create portfolios, indices, or benchmarks and back test up to 10 years. Optimize portfolios consisting of equities, funds, and fund-of-funds, and generate their correlations matrix.


Over 20,000 funds registered and domiciled locally. Registration information such as fund strategy, inception date, fees: Monthly portfolio holdings (%, $); Daily NAV, inflows, net assets, number of investors; Indicators: returns, benchmark premiums, volatility, Sharp, VAR, beta, and much more

Present with local offices and experts in each of the Markets supported

We offer 100% coverage of the six major markets in the region and are considered the de facto standard for Latin American financial information

The markets we cover are:







High quality data, direct from primary sources, double-checked for enhanced reliability

Intelligently organized data, sophisticated analytics, and a flexible user interface make it easy to prepare reports that include multiple elements (charts, graphs, key metrics, sector aggregates, and more) on a daily basis. The Economatica System includes sets of basic and advanced analytical modules linked to databases of high reliability

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Stand out in the market with the most intelligent information to base your decisions on.

Economatica is regularly available to equity and corporate fixed income research, M&A, credit/risk, asset management and private equity departments and our clients include analysts, asset managers, brokers, hedge funds, individual investors, investment bankers, investor relations, mutual funds, pension funds, universities, and others.

Quality support and training

Get support from an Economatica specialist when you need it. Get training to help you make the most of the platform and its tools.

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Learn how Economatica’s Funds Database Platform can impact your business

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