Portfolio Analysis

Economatica helps you manage and assess risk with tools to model and back test real or hypothetical portfolios. You can generate charts comparing the fund’s performance with various benchmarks, the development of portfolio composition, scatter plots (risk X return), and more.

Equity Analysis

The platform supports fundamental analysis with quarterly financial statements, financial ratios, and tools to examine revenues, earnings, return on equity, and other data to determine a company’s value and potential for growth. The Valuation Module (DCF) helps you determine the target share price by evaluating the company using the discounted cash flow method. This module replaces Excel spreadsheets and "in house" modules.

& Peer Analysis

The system enables you to define peer groups and build comparable tables to calculate valuation multiples and compare them to the target company. You can obtain data on profitability, debt and capital structure, and also extract, analyze, or consolidate data to derive a precise and reliable perspective of the sector and peer group examined.

Quantitative Analysis

Minimize risk and maximize return, determine the best time to buy and sell securities, identify underpriced securities and make informed investment decisions. You can quickly build a correlations matrix in either the screening module or the portfolio optimization module. The range of data that can be aggregated is limited to your requirements and may include trading, financial or technical ratios (risk/return, volatility, beta, correlations, etc.)


Easily analyze time series of multiple variables for a large group of securities. This is a tool that allows you to define parameters for the time period examined, the periodicity (from daily to annually), and the metrics to be calculated for the securities selected. Sector and Group Aggregates –Economatica can be used in either the screening or Matrixx modules to aggregate metric values and calculate averages, medians, sums, etc.

Quality post-sales

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